Company Overview

Hoang Dung Trading Production Co.

The company specializes in many business lines, including manufacture and import fertilizers in services for agriculture, transportation, warehouse and seaports.
Recognized as Vietnam’s best quality fertilizer importer, we represent for many global corporations to officially distribute high-quality fertilizers in Vietnam.

Business Lines

Distributing imported fertilizer

Producing and trading fertilizers

Transportation and logistics


Hoang Dung gradually focuses on selecting and providing organic product lines, with the aim of moving towards a sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural practice.

Vision - Mission - Core Values


With a deep passion for sustainable agriculture, Hoang Dung is always exploring and innovating every day to provide high quality products for our farmers to achieve fruitful crops. We’re striving to become the symbol of quality in Vietnam’s fertilizer industry.


Hoang Dung always aspires to become a symbol of quality and the pride of Vietnam's agricultural fertilizer industry in the international market.

Core Values

Prestige, Customer Centric, Unity, Sustainability, Continuous Improvement
1. Prestige: Uphold our reputation, quality, and only sell authentic products
2. Customer Centric: Selling with the heart
3. Unity: Uniting our team to work on our mission
4. Sustainability: Environmentally friendly
5. Continuous Improvement: Always improving ourselves and our products

Meaning of our logo

The square logo represents the land reclaimed and cared for by the farmers
The yellow and red colors symbolize sun rays, one of the indispensable elements for plant growth, also an indicator for positive energy
The brand name is placed in the corner to convey a strong message: Hoang Dung's high-quality fertilizer will be the foundation to improve the quality of soil and agricultural products
The cubic design gives a clearly shown feeling of solidity and reliability, thereby portraying Hoang Dung brand’s progressive thinking with the whole team working towards the set goal.